Terme Sensoriali are a thermal temple integrating modern architectural languages, wellness expertise and traditional natural and ayurvedic medicine in a single structure surrounded by the green of the Parco Acqua Santa in Terme di Chianciano. The 1300 square meters of Terme Sensoriali embrace different experiences articulated in specific itineraries according to individual necessities.

The idea upon which Terme Sensoriali are based stems from the synergy between different experiences and skills and combines bio-building, the research for architectural environments in harmony with its inhabitants and the expertise of naturopaths and professionals of Ayurvedic medicine. From here derives the idea of dividing the structure according to the 5 elements which in the Ayurvedic tradition, or science of life, are at the origin of the universe and human kind and which correspond to our senses. Therefore, in the conceptual design of the Terme, treatments and “traditional” thermal practices such as baths, mud and mineral water treatments merge with the principles of Oriental philosophy and follow the holistic vision of individual well-being according to which the many and pleasant sensorial experiences are interpreted as an energetic rebalancing of the chakra. Energy disequilibrium is at the origin of many ailments and pathologies: the recovery of this equilibrium and therefore of well-being is achieved through the stimulation of the five elements and five senses and specific treatments