Extra Virgin
Olive Oil

Macciangrosso - Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Tuscany Excellence

Extra virgin olive oil is one of the most representative foods of our peninsula. In fact, Italy is one of the world's leading oil producers.

The variety of olive trees present in Italy, more than 500 types, has allowed the creation of different types of olive oil. Each production has individual characteristics, which lends a taste and fragrance to the oil that is always unique.

Specifically, Tuscany is among the six best Italian regions for oil production and distribution.

Why choose a
Tuscan extra virgin olive oil?

Tuscany has made olive growing and the production of extra virgin olive oil its characteristic feature.

The very calcareous hilly terrain of the region, the temperate climate and low rainfall guarantee an ideal environment for the growth of olive trees and for their spread. 93,000 hectares of olive grove are mainly located on hilly areas in the low mountains.

For these reasons the European Union has given Tuscany the PGI certification (protected geographical indication), this food is in fact at the centre of the Tuscan economy.

The Tuscan oil of Macciangrosso, in particular, is emblematic of Tuscany.

The extra virgin olive oil differs from the classic olive oil, since it is obtained exclusively from the processing of olives with a free acidity of less than 0.8 grams per 100 grams of oil.

All the olives used for the production of oil are processed directly on the Macciangrosso farm, a cultivar of Leccino and Frantoio.

The focus on the production process is central to guaranteeing a healthy, rich, fragrant food with an unmistakable colour.

Quality of
extra virgin olive oil

Extra virgin olive oil is the basis of the Mediterranean diet (designated a UNESCO intangible cultural heritage in 2013) and presents qualitative organoleptic characteristics that have made it a symbolic food for an all-Italian culture of taste:

  • Has a high energy value
  • Rich in antioxidant substances, excellent for slowing down cellular ageing
  • Flavoursome, with a balanced taste
  • Easily digestible, helps the liver and regulates gastric function
  • Good ratio of saturated, monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids
  • Rich in fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K)

Oleocanthal is an anti-inflammatory substance that gives the oil that pleasantly pungent aftertaste. This emphasises the importance of the olive harvesting phase, which becomes fundamental to being able to guarantee a high quality food.

Tuscan oil differs from major retail products, undergoing thorough treatment that meticulously follows the phases of the oil process. Bottling, an often underestimated phase, is actually one of the most important. The oil must be filtered and decanted before the hot season arrives, it is finally rested in cool and dry areas to ensure its taste and consistency is not altered. The olfactory and gustatory evaluations of an excellent oil are tested by professionals. The test takes place in the morning, in environments with natural lighting and without fragrances.

Macciangrosso extra virgin olive oil is characterised by low acidity, is tasty, delicate, fragrant, with pleasant spicy and bitter notes. A full and balanced body, with medium fruitiness and great nutritional qualities. It is a precious table oil, preferably to be consumed raw in order to appreciate every gustatory note.