Pedaling along the Canale Maestro della Chiana is a journey through time and the elements: you are riding through the heart of the Etruscan civilization and under the sign of water in a land designed by the forces of nature and the hands of humans.
The historic reclamation work begun in the sixteenth century transformed the Val di Chiana into an important agricultural centre; even today the local economy is strongly rooted in the products of its land and you ride on the cheese, fruit, oil, wine and Chianina beef routes. Between Arezzo and Chiusi there are many opportunities to feel at one with a land that is there to be enjoyed: there is art and history along the historic waterway and then let yourself be tempted by the excellent local products with an authentic taste that goes beyond labels.
The Canale Maestro della Chiana cycle and pedestrian path that links Arezzo with Chiusi is a route of about 62 km equipped and protected for those who want to travel slowly, by bike or on foot. The ancient road used for the maintenance of the canal and locks is in fact a natural path with no gradients and particularly suitable for family sports tourism.