The Sensory Salon is a spa temple that brings together modern architecture, wellness technology and the tradition of Natural and Ayurvedic Medicine in a single building set among the greenery of the Acqua Santa Park of Terme di Chianciano. The 1300 square metres of the Sensory Salon comprise different experiences that follow specific paths according to the needs of the individual.

The basic idea of the Sensory Salon was developed from a synergy of different experiences and professional paths and blends green building, the search for architectural environments in harmony with the human being who lives in them and the expertise of naturopaths and specialists in Ayurvedic medicine. Hence the idea of subdividing the environments based on the 5 elements that form the basis of the cosmos and the human being, according to Ayurvedic philosophy, or Life Science, and that each correspond to a specific Moving, relaxing, concentrating or freeing your mind in such a structured environment allows you to balance and revitalise all your senses. Therefore, when the Sensory Salon was designed, “classic” spa treatments and experiences such as baths, mud baths and hydropinic treatment were blended together with the principles of Eastern philosophies in the holistic vision of individual wellness, according to which pleasant and multiple sensory experiences are interpreted in terms of energy balance and chakra. Energy imbalances are the basis of disorders, discomforts and pathologies: wellness can be recovered by re-balancing them through the stimulation of the five elements and the five senses and ad hoc treatments.