Only 10 km from Macciangrosso, the town of Sarteano rises up between the Val d’Orcia and the Val di Chiana, on the slopes of Monte Cetona and dominated by the bulk of the medieval castle. Today only the two Umbrian gates, Porta di Mezzo and Porta Monalda remain of the walls surrounding the historic centre. You can access the historic center by going up to Piazza XXIV Giugno, which is overlooked by the Palazzo del Comune with its ancient loggias, entrance hall of the Teatro degli Arrischianti used by the inhabitants of the town since the 18th century. Corso Giuseppe Garibaldi, the main street of the historic centre and characteristic alleys branch off the square and lead the visitor up to the walls of the Castle. As you follow this route, you can admire several noble palaces such as Palazzo Fanelli (16th century) with richly frescoed ceilings and an adjacent chapel, Palazzo del Cennini and Palazzo Piccolomini with its cloister of the late 15th century. When you reach the top of the castle, you can finally enjoy a view from a terrace that extends to Lake Trasimeno. Other monuments to visit include the Archaeological Civic Museum located inside the sixteenth century Palazzo Gabrielli and the Church of San Martino, a small treasure chest with a neoclassical facade.

Recommended excursions include a trip to Castiglionecello del Trinoro, a medieval village which is only 6.5 km from Sarteano, and from which you can enjoy one of the most evocative views of southern Tuscany towards the Val D’Orcia.

For more information:

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Tourist information: www.sarteanoliving.it