is the centre a protected natural area established in the mid-1990s in the Val di Chiana at the foot of Montepulciano and a few kilometres north-west of Lake Chiusi. In its vicinity there is a visitor centre open from Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00 am to 7:00 pm, equipped with educational and informative material regarding the fauna, flora and history of the A path that crosses a reed field and a beautiful forest starts from near the pier. The protected area of the park hosts wetlands that are the perfect habitat and wintering ground for the numerous species of water birds that migrate for the most part in autumn and winter. The lake is bordered by the “Sentiero della Bonifica” which starts from Chiusi, crosses the whole valley and can be travelled along freely. Visits by boat and guided tours are available every Sunday afternoon by contacting the visitor centre. There is also a refreshment point next to the centre.

Lake Montepulciano Nature Reserve Visitor Centre “La Casetta” – Via del Lago, 10 – Acquaviva di Montepulciano (SI).


Lake Chiusi is located about 5 km from the historic centre of Chiusi and marks the border between Tuscany and Umbria. It is connected to Lake Montepulciano by the Passo alla Querce canal. Unlike at Lake Montepulciano, no nature reserve has been established, but it is nevertheless a staging and nesting area for migrating aquatic fauna. In the past, the inhabitants of Chiusi called this basin Chiaro di Luna, because, according to an ancient legend, the fascinating Goddess of Heaven came to look at herself and admire her beauty in the waters of the lake on calm nights. The lake is home to Pike, Royal Perch and Carpe and regulated fishing is allowed.

For tourists, there are two restaurants and a campsite located on its banks, which can be reached by taking the SP 146 “di Chianciano”, then turning into the Strada del Lago a few hundred metres before the town of Chiusi.

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